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April 2, 2020
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A physiotherapist is a certified professional that offers therapeutic physiotherapy treatments for immobility and pains in the body. Injuries, age, illness, and disability are a few reasons people experience loss of mobility in the body. Depending upon the type of problem, a physiotherapist may provide massage, exercise, manipulation or a combination of all techniques for treatment. The basic goal of physiotherapy is to help the individual improve their quality of life by alleviating pain and restoring functionality. In case the injury is permanent, a physiotherapist derives more effective treatment to work on decreasing the impact of the injury, as much as possible.

Besides treating the problem, the duties of a physical therapist also include educating and counseling the patients in order to avoid injuries.

Primary duties of a Physiotherapist:

A physiotherapist is responsible to perform a number of duties including:

  • Working on a range of conditions:

Physiotherapy is a treatment used for treating loss of functionality and pain aroused due to a number of conditions. An expert physiotherapist needs to understand the type of disorder and pick the best therapy for treatment. The common conditions include neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders that can trouble a patient.

  • Offering end-to-end services:

A physiotherapist is responsible to provide end-to-end treatment services. Right from diagnosing the problem to assessing the extent to picking the best suitable treatment, a physical therapist has to do it all.

  • Consulting with professionals for treatment:

To ensure the patient enjoys an assured treatment from the therapy, a therapist also consults and collaborates with expert physicians and medical specialists to derive better treatment programs and physiotherapy sessions.

  • Motivating the patient to participate:

In most of the cases, a patient might be hesitant to avail a program. Part of it is because of the pain associated with exercises and other therapies. A therapist has to develop programs that are a combination of exercises and that encourage patients to participate. Involving care-taker or parents in the process is also important.

  • Maintain patient records:

The duties of a physiotherapist also include maintaining the records of the patients. The therapist must take notes on the case, prepare reports considering all related statistics about the patient’s problem.

  • Liaison with other healthcare professionals:

In order to assure that the patient is recovering well post-therapy, the therapist must liaison with other professionals including social workers, GPs, occupational therapist and more. This helps in ensuring that the patient is enjoying the benefits of the treatment. Moreover, these professionals can also share information about other patients who are in need of such treatments.

  • Learn and stay abreast of the latest technology:

The medical world is a fast-evolving industry where a new technology is introduced every other day. In order to provide the latest and advanced therapy support, a professional must stay abreast of the current technology and treatments.

  • Stay responsible and accountable

A physiotherapist is legally responsible and accountable for his action. One must assure that he/she picks the best therapy to help a patient according to the patient’s profile and stay responsible for the outcomes.

  • Provide therapeutic, emotional and compassionate support:

Physiological conditions are often overwhelming as a patient might be suffering from loss of functionality which effects its overall quality of life. In order to provide effective treatment solutions, a physiotherapist must provide emotional as well as compassionate support to the patient along with a certified therapeutic help.

  • Issuing sick leave certificates:

A physical therapist can also issue a sick leave certificate in case it is required to fulfill formalities in certain cases.

  • Educating about prevention techniques:

The physiotherapist should also educate the families and the patients for preventive techniques. This must include lessons about self-care treatment interventions.

A physiotherapist has a number of duties to render in order to ensure that the patient’s mobility is restored. In case you are suffering from loss of functionality because of an accident, sports injury, old age, diseases or any other reason, you can search online for “Physiotherapist near me”. Portea’s physiotherapist near me programs are made to offer treatment to an individual through therapeutic treatments and at the comfort of patient’s home. They provide assistance in a variety of cases including help in coping with crutches, walk after an accident or sports injury, joint pain because of some disease or old age and more.

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