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March 30, 2020
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If you are a fitness enthusiast, you probably realize that training in a gym can get boring in no time. After you have reached your ideal weight, maintaining the tempo for those regular fitness equipment and moves can be challenging. As an alternative and a more thrilling form of exercise, you can consider climbing gyms. For the uninitiated, climbing gyms like offers a safe, indoor environment to practice bouldering and rock climbing, and this can be a full-body workout regime for men and women alike.

Here’s why climbing gyms are getting more popular by the day-

Avoid monotony

At a climbing gym, you are likely to start with bouldering, which doesn’t require any harness or ropes. Using your body weight, stamina and strength, you need to balance your act of moving up on these artificial walls and boulders, and it’s a learning experience in every single way. Even if you fall, fret not because the flooring is usually padded, and gyms also used safety padded mats. Unlike a regular gym, where most people have a fixed regime for the entire week, climbing gyms offer a completely new experience every single day. Your experience on the wall will be a different one, with new challenges.

Combine strength training with cardio

Experts agree that rock climbing and bouldering is a mix of strength training and cardio, so you are basically challenging your body in many ways. From increasing the heart rate to building muscles and improving stamina and balance, it’s a continuous learning experience. Also, you will be using no extra weights, which allows you to build muscles naturally. Also, you get to learn rock climbing and skills that are critical for practicing in real situations.

More fun with others

Climbing gyms make workouts more of a social activity. Experts and new climbers can start together, learn from each other’s experiences and improve both balance and form. Climbing uses all your body parts and it helps in achieving better mental balance, because you are constantly trying to keep focus. If you are just concerned about calories burnt, this is still a better activity in many ways.

Not all climbing gyms and bouldering centers are the same, so do your homework before you choose one. Also, don’t forget to check for day passes that allow people to experience bouldering, so that they can take a call on opting for a monthly subscription.

Alston Baron

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